After leading the market for many years with our BASIC series silent fans we thought it was time to release our PWM creations in the market. All our expertise and experience is put in these PWM fan models. We have strived to set them up with the best possible characteristics. Great performance and extreme low dB(A) ratings is guaranteed.

We achieved an amazing 16.2 dB(A) noiselevel at 1000 RPM. (measured in a chamber with a background noise of 15 dB(A))

Take control of your fans...and hear yourself think again.


Pulse Width Modulation

The use of a 4 wire PWM controlled fans is a means to reduce the overall system acoustics. The expectation is a 4 wire PWM controlled fan when properly implemented will be significantly quieter than a similar 3 wire fan.

  Model number: SP802512H-03PWM
  Dimensions 80x80x25mm
  Versions Foggy chassis and foggy rotor/blades
  Fan mounts 4 pieces purple ultra-soft silicone fan mounts
  Fan speed 1000 ~ 2800 RPM (10%)
  Noise level From 16.2 dB(A) *
  Airflow Up to 38 CFM
  Static Pressure 3.7mmH2O
  Rating voltage DC 12V
  Voltage range DC 7V ~ DC 13.8V
  Starting voltage  7V
  Label current 0.30A
  Working current 0.17A 15%
  Power consumption 2.04W15%
  Operating temperature -10C ~ 70C
  * Measured in an ISO certified chamber with 15 dB(A) background noise.


Ultra soft fan mounts

Nexus provides the exact details of our noise level test as we feel dB(A) values are difficult values to compare as there are many ways of testing and calculating. In the market there are a lot of unrealistic dB(A) value-claims which are often calculated by means of extrapolation. This in fact does not give a realist view of the fans noiselevel performance. We provide the real figures, from the actual tests. Judge for your self.
        About the anechoic chamber

The noise testing is done in our chamber that has been established according to ISO-3745, ISO7779 standards. The chamber has a background noise level of just 15 dB(A) and was designed especially for fan acoustical noise measurements. We take the utmost care to do thorough and stable tests.                                 

                            Jason Xie - engineer


The Nexus 80MM PWM Series case fan has an extra big fan speed range. This allows the fan to be ultra quiet at low speed and provide massive air flow at full speed in case thing get too hot. Great control over a massive RPM range.





Fan Connector

4-pin PWM fan connector

When connected on a 3-pin motherboard connector the fan will run full speed.


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